BATIK SYMBOL -Atabey is a goddess that was worshipped by the Taino natives that inhabited the Caribbean islands of Antilles including Puerto Rico, where my family comes from. She is considered the consciousness of mother earth, and is called the “great mother of the natural world” because as traditions and values were passed down often by family matriarchs, she was explained as an energy that embodied the mindful relations to all that is living, jungles, mountains, rivers, the moon, the sun, the sea, and our ancestors. 

She was also known to rule the violent churnings of wind and rain, and while her power at times was viewed as destructive, it also represented part of a transformational cycle that leads to new life and balance, therefore she is often depicted in a state of birthing, which also represents this idea of fertility, and creating life anew. She is to whom we owe our sustenance and nourishment.

The symbol has been modified from the original adding in some beauty and further symbology, starting from the very bottom where her feet are dropping and anchoring in new seeds of life. It then moves up to the lotus flower representing the idea of rizing up from the mud into beauty and a higher state of consciousnes. From there the rays of the sun emanating outward representing the fire and masculine energy for balance. Spirals as her hands were then added in the exact geometry of the golden ratio, being a divine proportion that is found everywhere in the natural world and even down to the DNA that make us up.