"Collectively Embracing New Ways, in a New World"

Some of us have a story to tell, and some of us are living the story. Which one are you?

Arizen is focused on several things, the most important being how to create our visions in alignment with our earth and all its inhabitants. Then comes the attention to detail, and the freedom to create in ways that we feel good about, and in ways that make us feel good about ourselves. And taking it a step further, we really like to be mindful about the way we do things; all things.

There is this idea, philosophy, concept, or however you want to see it, spreading across the globe. This idea of mindfulness, of compassion, of stewardship, I can go on, but I hope you get it. It is my dream that each day, more people are embracing this idea as lifestyle.


We all have a responsibility for our actions towards everything around us. Which means we have a choice, we can support that which supports us (sustainability for future generations) or choose to turn a blind eye. We are all connected in this web of life so our actions now, affect all that precede us.

We have made it a point to search out some of the best ways to turn our visions into reality. Everything currently gets made in Bali where I used to live and still consider to be my heart home on the planet. Ethical practices, and fair labor are a standard here, and we’ve made sure that whom we are working with, are keeping to these.

Strong Vision, Tender Ways

We use low impact, non toxic dyes, and use fabrics that have gone through eco certified processing plants such as Lenzig and Oeko Tex. We aim to dress you in the finest of natural fibers with excellent design and craftsmanship; in hopes that you feel confident in wearing your purchase and knowing that you’re making a change through your choices.


Working with organizations that aim to spread the ideas of mindfulness and meditation is what we feel to be our social responsibility. I feel most passionate about being the change that I want to see in this world, it all starts within first. I believe these practices will inevitably lead us all to a more peaceful place within our hearts and amongst each other.

Arizen we are.

Ashazel Tenille