The Arizen Woman’s Guide to Mindfulness

Are you on a journey to mindfulness? Are you on a quest to find that beautiful path to a life of harmony, fulfillment, and presence? We have lovingly crafted this Arizen Woman’s Guide to Mindfulness for you. Tread softly.

Find time to be quiet in nature

The Arizen Woman might get very busy with her career, family life, and business, but she will always have the heart and spirit for the quietness in nature. This is a very essential part in her life - this is the guiding force that reminds her to slow down, take her time, grow in harmony, and find the deepest roots of her being. Being surrounded by nature has been proven to be very beneficial to her health and wellness - it uplifts her mood, makes her relaxed, and gives space for her to nurture her innermost thoughts.

Beyond that, she is also able to reclaim her wild spirit - of bravely following her heart, passionately walking the path she believes in, and celebrating the fullness of her femininity.  

Wherever she is in the world,  the Arizen Woman can always find spots and patches that allows her to be one with the natural world - she finds a spacious park, sits by the river, or takes a long walk by a local boulevard. And if she has more time, she invests in travels that allow her to seek refuge for her soul through mindful retreats.

The Arizen Woman believes in the power of the quiet and how it is richly connected with the power of her intuition.  Her intuition is akin to her mindfulness. It is when she is in nature that she is able to fully connect and realize her place in this diverse, beautiful, and immense world.

Practice and embrace yoga and meditation

The Arizen Woman loves taking care of herself. She believes that in doing so, she is able to look after and love others more. She also humbly accepts her frailties and imperfections, and knows deep within that she needs to take time and ground herself to be able to give her best and to live her fullest.

Practicing yoga and meditation gives the Arizen Woman mindful insights that inspire her to develop a much nurturing relationship with herself. By dedicating time to these, she cultivates a lifestyle that is healthy for her body, and enriching for her mind and spirit.  Yoga enables her to recognize the wonders of her body - that it is more than just what can be seen or touched, it’s a powerful vessel of life and vitality; the ultimate cathedral of love and healing. Through meditation, she opens her heart to an infinite source of calmness from within. Embracing meditation as part of her life lets her live more mindfully - in words, actions, and thoughts.

Spend quality time with friends and loved-ones

The Arizen Woman values her relationships with utmost gratitude. To live mindfully, she believes that she needs to be present for others. It is through this that she is able to build enriching relationships and let these bonds touch and move her in many ways. Though the times offer her so many distractions, she is mindful enough to use her phone when she needs to; and sets it aside when she is with a friend or a loved-one to ensure that she listens, receives, and gives.

She honors the spirit of family and community and she does her best to be part of it.

When she is around her friends, she is fully present, and she gives her heart away with all her force. She appreciates the relationships she has and demonstrates this appreciation by making sure that she is able to keep the connections because it teaches her a lot of values: patience, tolerance, understanding, and above all, love.

Create and enjoy the process

The Arizen Woman enjoys the creative process. Creating, crafting, making, and just expressing herself through her medium of choice allows her to be fully present and one with her inner voice.  She is proud to be part of the ever-flowing history of women creating beautiful things throughout time.

Finding time to create and really enjoy the process inspires her to keep that very special place of creativity in her - a place where she can take it slowly, listen to her intuition, and follow where it leads her spontaneously. Through her creative enjoyment, she is able to discover her true being: the woman who is confident in what she can offer, someone who humbly accepts her errors and mistakes with faith that it will lead her to a beautiful perspective of the beauty and power of respecting the process, the nowness.

Embrace sensitivity and vulnerability

The Arizen Woman holds her sensitivity and vulnerability high as gifts. She does not see them as weaknesses but as beautiful vessels of intuitive power and source of light. As you embrace sensitivity, you hear the sound of nature much better - the bird songs won’t be so ordinary anymore, even the melody of the daily harmonies around you will make sense. You will not only honor the sounds of nature, but also the songs of your heart.

The Arizen Woman sees the sacredness of vulnerability. She can tap into that deep place of sensing and feeling. She mindfully opens her heart out to cry, laugh, pray, and dance. As she does it, mindfulness becomes the center of her relationships and personal journey - it is the compass of her presence.


May this Arizen Woman’s Guide to Mindfulness bless you and shed you some light as you find your center, and begin your journey to mindful living.

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