Shine: Cultivating Everyday Mindfulness for the Woman Within

Everyday is an opportunity to shine.

Perhaps, for many, “everyday” means the most ordinary things, but if we look closely, it signifies endless possibilities. Each day is made up of moments to receive, grow, and celebrate. Oftentimes, we overlook the glory of our daily lives – the routines we do and the people we meet because we fall into the trap of busyness.

As women in the modern times, we must face so many demands and pressures. This exhausts us and sometimes push us to see only the surface of our potentials when the truth is, we are gems beaming from the inside.

Here are ways to keep shining by cultivating everyday mindfulness and nurturing the woman within:

Begin the day with stillness 

The impulse usually is to check the phone for messages, mails or social media updates. Instead of this habit, learn to wake up slowly and be still. As you open your eyes, embrace gratitude. Recollect the blessings you have in your life and hold it close. In stillness, you can breathe better and be in the present moment. Wherever you are whether in your room or elsewhere enjoying your vacation or travels, you can begin the day quietly. Through this you are welcoming the new day with openness.

It is only with an open heart that we can find true beauty offered by our everyday life.

Find the luxury in bathing

Luxury does not mean lounging in the bathtub with perfume and petals for hours. Find the luxury of presence while taking a bath or shower - this is the perfect moment to be with yourself. Let the water soothe you, let the soap remind you of the beauty of your own body and being.

“When you’re in a bath you can’t really do anything else, and it forces you to clear your mind and be calm. Bath time can be a really great exercise for mind, body, and spirit, renewing your energy.” -Jessie Violet Larson, medical massage therapist with UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine in Pittsburgh

Bathe with gusto - you can therefore lock the door, use some essential oils, play some relaxing music, and enjoy a cup of tea. Let bathing be a cleansing not just for your skin, but a renewing act for your mind, body, and spirit.

Feed your body with love

The woman within has whims and we can’t just sit there blaming our hormones. Instead of nursing the heaviness in your gut, develop mindful eating habits that can wonderfully nourish your wellness. Eat slowly and enjoy the wonderful diversity of tastes. The mindless consumption of unhealthy food pushes our body to a place where it does not feel at its best; it is not able to experience its full vitality. So, as you feed your body with nutrition, it responds with a greater sense of love and being - it feels lighter and balanced. With a sound body comes a sound mind.

“When we can slow down and really enjoy our food, our life and our health, we take on a much deeper quality. I love to sit and eat quietly and enjoy each bite, aware of the presence of my community, aware of all the hard and loving work that has gone into my food. When I eat in this way, not only am I physically nourished, I am also spiritually nourished.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Follow the compass of your intentions

Today is a beautiful time to follow the compass of your intentions. What do you want to achieve today? What keeps you going to achieve your aspirations? What is it that you’d like to do today in living the life you want to live? Setting an intention for the day lets the woman within shine - guided by her inner wisdom.

There are some great ways to do it: write it down on a note, say it out loud as you take your morning walk, say it in loop quietly in your head while commuting. Your intentions are the heartbeat of your actions - they guide you to the fulfillment of your innermost dreams. This can help you stay focused and grounded.

Today is also a destination.

Honor the gift of others

With demands and stimuli of the current times, sometimes we tend to overlook the value of other people. You might have noticed it, a lot of us are stuck in our mobile phones even when there is a real human being in front of us capable of sharing and listening.

As emotional beings, women are more sensitive to the presence of relationships. Cherishing this gift to feel other people and to honor their value allows you to be a channel of appreciation and gratitude. As you give more attention to the importance of others in your life on a daily basis, your energy will speak of it and people will feel it - they will feel seen, received, and honored.

Say thank you.

Look someone in the eye while having a conversation.

Give a friend a warm hug.

Hold space for a loved-one in need of time.

Through these little acts of mindfulness, you will find how glorious it is to share real moments with others, and you will discover the richer expanse of your heart.

Everyday is indeed an opportunity to shine, to grow, and to stay true to the woman within.  Remember that it is through simple rituals that we develop a steadfast blueprint of our being.

You are beautiful in mind, body, and spirit.

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