In order to touch the sky, I also need to be rooted:

to  be nourished by the Earth,

to  be close to the heartbeat of what lies beneath the ground -

water that feeds,

and seeds that are about to grow into the

most beautiful flowers.

In anything you do where you put your heart in, rootedness makes you rize! It makes you rize in  a way that does not overwhelm, but fulfills.

Embracing it teaches you a lot of values - humility, centeredness, and gratitude. These are very necessary guiding lights in living a life away from distractions. Being rooted keeps you in a more focused state because you honor the real source of your passion and profession, and whenever you experience doubt, frustration, or fear, all you have to do is go back to your roots.

How relevant is rootedness in your life as an Arizen woman?

Being rooted lets you experience pride and confidence while keeping a kind heart, and an open mind. It lets you see with wisdom what you are capable of not based on how far you have gone through what meets the eye. Instead, it leads you back to the core of your personal truth. In the work you do, rootedness inspires you to really do your best because you know that what you are doing is very vital to the life of others and the world. With family life, it gives you the patience to give yourself away selflessly – because it is only through giving that you realize you have enough. In your relationships, humility helps you forgive and grow.

When you are connected to your why in life, you are also centered and you feel that energy of sufficiency - you won’t feel being so squeezed out more often. When you hold your ground no matter what, you will always find gratitude even for the simplest pleasures and gifts.

It is your rooted being that lets you reach out for your dreams because you know deep within you what fuels you.

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