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We had a lovely time catching up with the beautiful creator of Ananda Soul Jewelry, she welcomed us into her home and shared more of herself than we had ever had the privilege to know before. We chose to link with Christina because not only is the work that she does beautiful, but the way she carries herself is even more so. She upholds the qualities of what we would consider to be an Arizen Woman, moving through the world with grace and integrity in all that she does...

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She has a gentle and harmonious way about her that seems to move her forward in life with her passions and creativity. Choosing to donate a portion of her proceeds to women and underprivileged children in Bali is just another one of those ways in which mindfulness, and compassion shine through her. She is also very conscious of producing everything in a sustainable and and ethical fashion, using recycled metals and eco-friendly, low impact materials wherever possible!

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We had a few questions for her to learn about how she finds center and balance while managing a successful business abroad and here's what she had to share...

What are some of your morning rituals or practices that you do everyday in order to set the day off right? 

"They have varied over the years...they've kind of been growing with me. A consistent thing is that I usually start with oil pulling every morning and then do nauli which is like an internal abdominal massage that warms up the intestinal tract and increases digestive fire. I then meditate, and make sure to drink plenty of water. Then there is a movement part and that kind of ranges from kundalini, vinyasa yoga, or lately I've been enjoying doing some of the fitness apps combined with my yoga. Here in Bali I feel like my lungs aren't being used at all - and there aren't really any great running trails by me, so I try and get it in that way. I then like to try and meditate a little here and there throughout the day...

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How do you see yourself being the change you wish to see in the world? What small or big steps are you taking, have, or will you take to better yourself to be that change?

OK...some of this is related to the work I currently do...and some of it is related to one of my other passions - the writing work that I'm doing at the moment just for me personally- something I eventually want to get that out in to the world more and more!  A lot of work on myself in the really subtle things - for example how quickly I judge people and then sitting with myself and seeing how I can soften that judgement. I experiment by putting myself in situations where I would judge really strongly, and test myself, to see how much I can bend that and how open I can be to others, because I genuinely believe that we need a more caring world!  

I feel like nurturing myself in all meanings of the sense, mindset, nervous system, my connections, internal dialog in order to be more caring and invite others to be more caring so there is a gentleness, is of extreme importance...It doesn't necessarily have to be gentle, it's something that also comes with a lot of boundaries and respect for each other. It ripples into a lot of day to day actions, so if I'm able to do that and be centered then I'm less inclined to snap at people when they mess up at work, or I don't end up gossiping when I get together with friends, and instead just try and find the positive qualities in people - because that is my internal dialogue about myself and the people around me! 

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From your heart...why do you do the things you do? The things you create? and what is your passion behind it all?

On that same note...creating a more caring world is really why I choose to do it all! Related to my business I try to apply all those principles there by using all recycled materials, we take care of our entire team, run on family values, and are  flexible around the needs of the individuals and the group as a whole...we all have each others backs. Of course that translates into the salaries, medical care, maternity leave, and trickles down to the products we put out there. We make sure they have positive messaging, including the names, the designs, the symbols, the vibration that they carry - what I want people to feel when they wear our creations. Some of the messaging of the brand and what I stand for in general is around an understanding of the impact that our actions have, including our thoughts, and really radically taking responsibility of how everything we think, do, and say, ripple out into the world and come back!

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