Arizen Values that Uphold Ethical Fashion

How is Arizen’s ethos embodied in its products? Here are important values we uphold to promote ethical fashion.

“We believe beautiful things are more beautiful when the people who make them are paid well and work in a safe environment” - Fair Trade Federation

Guided by our respect for the natural world and love for culture and people, Arizen clothing is ethically-made in Bali. We believe in the arizing beauty of dressing up while staying kind to people and the planet. As we bring women closer to the real language of their beings through fashion and style, we are confident that the processes we observe give livelihood to a local family, provide them the chance to have creative platforms, and treat them fairly.

We believe that the intention of the brand is reflected in the beauty and grace of the products especially when worn. So, here are our Arizen values that uphold ethical fashion:

Fairness to Makers

“The Fair Trade movement is growing as people realize that they can help alleviate poverty and protect the environment by choosing Fair Trade products.”

-Robert Alan Silverstein

We give importance to the people who make our clothes. We meet them in person, and immerse in their daily life and production processes. It is very vital for us to know that they work in good conditions and are able to receive fair pay for every piece of garment. The great thing about sourcing from Bali, Indonesia is that ethical production is strictly observed there - we are passionate in supporting and promoting this principle amidst fast fashion and the adverse impacts it has not only to our environment but to fellow men.

Slowness of the Process

Arizen is inspired by the beauty of slowness - the candid flow of time depicted by nature and the local life in Bali. This is the soul of ethical fashion - protecting the wellness of artisans and makers by allowing them to create at their own pace and space. It is our dream that every woman who wears our clothes is reminded of the beautiful slow process involved in the making of her favorite wrap, tank top, dress, or belt by Arizen. Through this, she feels deeply connected, centered, and confident.

Family Empowerment

All our products from our Equal Wrap to our Vision Vest are made by a local family. Around the world, families have survived and thrived by producing passed-on products and skills through generations. This is another wonderful value in ethical fashion. As we uphold locally-made clothing, we also empower this talented family because we believe that we are all part of a global community intertwined in spirit and oneness.

Responsibility in Marketing

Arizen believes in style with soul. We hold responsibility in selling fashion pieces that reflect our ethos - ethically-made products that are gentle on the body and also on the planet.  The abundance of our natural environment is sacred for us so we consider it in every decision we make for our fabrics and the people we work with. Most importantly, we want the women who buy and wear our clothes believe that they have the power to make responsible decisions.

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